Why it wouldn’t be wrong to assume everyone has herpes?

Herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the United States, affective 1 in 5 persons. According to CDC figures on the prevalence of genital herpes, more than 80 percent of persons having herpes are undiagnosed. Besides, the prevalence rate among people in their 40s is 26 percent. In the general population, 11.5 percent men and 20 percent women are living with the herpes simplex virus.


According to medical experts, herpes is a tricky virus and a person living with herpes simplex virus type – 1, which appears as cold sores, is likely to transmit the infection to another person through oral sex. In this case, the receiving person might receive genital herpes (herpes simplex virus type – 2). As a matter of fact, HSV – 1 is so widespread that almost every person has it.


Physical intercourse isn’t the only way by which herpes is transmitted

 Another reason behind the spread of the herpes simplex virus is the fact that the virus doesn’t only spread through sexual intercourse. Mere skin-to-skin contact is enough to spread the virus. Moreover, a person experiencing an outbreak is more likely to spread the infection. The virus may lie dormant in the body for several years and suddenly crop up in the form of cold sores in the event of an outbreak.

Unlike Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, there is no cure for herpes. So, once you’re affected with the herpes simplex virus, you have it forever. Although there are antiviral drugs that can reduce the frequency and severity of these outbreaks, there is no way to eliminate the virus from the body. However, it is worth mentioning that research is underway to create a vaccine for the same.

Should you get tested for herpes?


 A lot of couples these days get themselves tested for sexually transmitted infections prior to getting physically intimate. This, according to medical experts is a great way to ward off transmission of sexually transmitted infections. Given the fact that the herpes simplex virus doesn’t always show any symptoms, it would be wise to go ahead unless you’re sure. The couple should reach a certain level of understanding, and get themselves tested prior to sharing personal space.

Making the most of herpes dating sites

 According to official figures, more than 50 million individuals in the United States are living with herpes simplex virus type – 2 and a vast majority isn’t aware of their infection, which makes them prone to spreading the virus. Therefore, it is always advised to date a person who is living with the same virus as you do so as to prevent the spread of the herpes simplex virus. Dedicated herpes dating sites have made it possible for people with herpes to connect with each other for friendship or a long term relationship.

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