Why are herpes singles advised to date someone with herpes?

Herpes, a condition caused by the herpes simplex virus, affects 1 in 5 persons in the United States and the numbers are no better in other countries like Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia. It is worth mentioning that herpes is an asymptomatic condition, which means it shows no symptoms. This is why a lot of people across the globe spread it unknowingly.

Medical experts advise people that are sexually active to get tested for an STD every 6 months, so as to keep a check on such infections. This would not only allow them to start treatment at an early stage but also ensure they don’t transmit the virus to anyone they’re involved with.




Unlike HIV, which has the tendency of becoming a super – infection on coming in contact with another variant of the virus, HSV doesn’t aggravate into a super – infection. It is due to this nature of the herpes simplex virus that medical experts always advise people living with herpes to date someone already affected with herpes. Here are a few other benefits of dating someone with herpes:

  •  He’d understand you better: Herpes is usually associated with outbreaks that emerge in the form of rashes and cold sores. It is worth mentioning the chances of transmission of the virus are extremely high in the event of an outbreak. It would be easier to explain the nature of your condition to someone who is already affected with the virus rather than someone who is new to the entire scenario.
  • There wouldn’t be any need to have ‘the talk’: People living with herpes are well aware of the importance of having the talk with their partner. People often find themselves confused over whether they should reveal details of their medical condition on the first date or when they’ve reached a certain level of understanding. Dating someone with herpes would ensure you don’t have to have any discussion for he/she would be able to understand you better.
  • The chances of transmission of the virus are eliminated: When two individuals having herpes engage in any kind of sexual activity, they aren’t likely to spread the infection due to the nature of the virus. It is to be borne in mind that the herpes simplex virus doesn’t turn into a super – infection on coming in contact with another strand of the virus.

 This is exactly why doctors and other medical experts advise people living with herpes to seek the company of someone already living with herpes. It has been observed that herpes, being an asymptomatic condition tends to spread unknowingly. Creating an ecosystem that doesn’t make transmission feasible would prove to be beneficial.

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