What Is Brain Herpes & How It Is Caused? Read It Now


Hey guys, we are back with some new herpes information that very less people know. Most of you people know, that herpes simplex is super common nowadays and quite worse. If you ever had cold sore, chicken pox or mononucleosis you got a herpes virus.

In fact we know about are 8 types of herpes viruses that infects a person in different parts of the body. If you have one of these then it will last in your body for lifetime, because this virus commonly goes into latent phase which is like a stage of hibernation where it hides in your cells. And here a point that we find very interesting is where this virus really hides in a body? Believe it or not, if a person once gets cold sore, genital sores or chicken pox Herpes hides in the neurons of the body and this can have some pretty weird implications.

For example if you ever had chicken pox as a kid, the virus can flare up later in life as a disease shingles. Shingles causes a painful rash, which appears in a particular location on your skin depending on which nerve the virus was hiding in.

Anyway because herpes hides in your nervous system, it can sometimes make its way your brain causing brain herpes and this only happens to 2 in million people. On these extremely rare events, the same infection that causes mouth blisters can lie into your temporal lobes and can cause a host of unpleasant effects including death.

But some people who survive are left with a very strange type of brain damage. They are totally normal except their vast ability to recognize whole classes of things like animals, colors or tools. People with herpes or the survivor of brain herpes can no longer identify whether a drawing made is of a real animal or fictional Hybrid beast.

And we would not wish brain herpes to anyone because of its severity, this type of brain damage has actually revealed some secrets about how our brain store and categories and information. Anyways scientists are learning more about this virus all the time. In the past few years they had begun to understand how to lower herpes out of the nervous system and hopefully one day we will be able to stop all eight types of herpes in the track.

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