What Is Brain Herpes & How It Is Caused? Read It Now


Hey guys, we are back with some new herpes information that very less people know. Most of you people know, that herpes simplex is super common nowadays and quite worse. If you ever had cold sore, chicken pox or mononucleosis you got a herpes virus.

In fact we know about are 8 types of herpes viruses that infects a person in different parts of the body. If you have one of these then it will last in your body for lifetime, because this virus commonly goes into latent phase which is like a stage of hibernation where it hides in your cells. And here a point that we find very interesting is where this virus really hides in a body? Believe it or not, if a person once gets cold sore, genital sores or chicken pox Herpes hides in the neurons of the body and this can have some pretty weird implications.

For example if you ever had chicken pox as a kid, the virus can flare up later in life as a disease shingles. Shingles causes a painful rash, which appears in a particular location on your skin depending on which nerve the virus was hiding in.

Anyway because herpes hides in your nervous system, it can sometimes make its way your brain causing brain herpes and this only happens to 2 in million people. On these extremely rare events, the same infection that causes mouth blisters can lie into your temporal lobes and can cause a host of unpleasant effects including death.

But some people who survive are left with a very strange type of brain damage. They are totally normal except their vast ability to recognize whole classes of things like animals, colors or tools. People with herpes or the survivor of brain herpes can no longer identify whether a drawing made is of a real animal or fictional Hybrid beast.

And we would not wish brain herpes to anyone because of its severity, this type of brain damage has actually revealed some secrets about how our brain store and categories and information. Anyways scientists are learning more about this virus all the time. In the past few years they had begun to understand how to lower herpes out of the nervous system and hopefully one day we will be able to stop all eight types of herpes in the track.

Top 5 Common Herpes Stigmas And Facts People With Herpes Should Know

Even though there are more American adults with herpes than who are left handed, it’s one of the most stigmatized sexually transmitted diseases. Despite the fact that, having herpes is about just harmful to your health in long term as well being left handed.

Herpes! Not to be confused with HPV is generally caused by two viruses called HSV-1 and HSV-2 (Herpes Simplex Type 1 & Type 2). Although between 16-25% of American adults have this condition, many of us don’t understand how it really works. To make people understand about this infection, recently a poll was conducted in which many US citizens rated this infection as top 2nd in most socially stigmatized condition just beneath HIV.


Here are the following 5 facts about herpes to demonstrate. The stigmatization are way, way overblown, which we have to get out of our way.

  1. Herpes is not related to promiscuity:

Many people believe that Herpes is caused by sleeping around with a person, who already has this condition. They think this infection is solely caused by having sex. But Genital Herpes specifically is contracted most often by oral, anal or vaginal sex. However you can also contract it with kissing or other skin to skin contact. Typically in the underwear region! For that reason, while having sex with condoms is always advised. Particularly, if your partner has herpes and it only cuts the risk of you getting herpes by about 50 percent.

  1. Most People Don’t Know They Have It:

People often mistake herpes symptoms with things pimples and in grown hairs, if they have any symptoms at all, because the virus also commonly lies dormant inside us without any outward signs even though it is still communicable.

  1. Herpes Doesn’t Ruin Your Body:

Even though herpes is incurable it doesn’t permanently wreck your body, its symptoms may infect usually in form of temporary blisters and painful sores accompanied by flu like symptoms which is absolutely unpleasant. However doctors at university of Washington told, at times flare up may come and go, and then they typically subside after the first year. Even though there is no cure, there are anti-viral medications available in markets to limit the frequency and severity of the outbreaks.

  1. The Worst Symptom Is Often Shame:

Many medical experts said a lot of times the worst and most persistent symptom of herpes is the shame and social stigma associated with having herpes, because so long people with herpes have been perceived themselves as monsters. And after receiving that diagnosis they feel like sexual death sentence, rather than this they can downplay it by practicing safe sex and absolutely disclosing about it or any other STDs. This would be the high time we can dismantle the shame and stigma surrounding it in many ways of denying virus that could be better collectively confronted rather than quietly ash your side.

  1. People With Herpes Can Get Pregnant:

Unlike a lot of individuals think, people with herpes can get pregnant and deliver perfectly healthy babies. There is a chance of being low and passing the infection to new born babies resulting into neonatal herpes. This is very dangerous to a baby and happens very commonly if someone who is already pregnant then contract Genital Herpes. In the case of someone who already has HSV type-2 and then gets pregnant, many gynecologists recommend, if the flare up are recurrent then simply take anti-viral medication to lower the risk of them having the flares up around the time of delivery.

Further there is so much more stigma and misconceptions out there about herpes and all kinds of STDs. Let’s stay united and keep fighting against it.