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HIV Medication That Gives Shield against Herpes – Study

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A recent study suggests a HIV medication that may provide shielding against the herpes simplex virus (HSV). This ground-breaking discovery was made during a trial that involved participants who tried the new HIV medication – Tenofovir. Tenofovis has been known to reduce the chances of contracting HIV by up to 75 percent, according to the study

This advantage of the medication is expected to be beneficial to couples where one partner is infected with HIV. The study was headed by Connie Celum, a renowned researcher from the University of Washington, Seattle. The entire study involved 4747 heterosexual partners in Uganda and Kenya. Although these individuals were seronegative for HSV-2 and HIV-1, they were at a greater risk of acquiring HIV-1 from an infected partner.

After the initial discovery pertaining to herpes, analysis of subgroups revealed that tenofovir is effective against herpes too. In order to test for herpes, researchers analyzed samples collected from couples who were free of herpes simplex virus at the beginning of the study. The study showed that one – third of those exposed to HSV while taking tenofovir did not contract herpes.

Researchers reported that 98 percent of the medication bottles were returned. It also showed that a combined 96 percent of medicine had been consumed. This shows that the participants were dedicated to the study and carefully followed the medication as prescribed. These factors have contributed to the authenticity of the study, thereby proving the efficiency of tenofovir.

Genital herpes is a very common STD across the globe. However, it is often observed that due to the nature of symptoms it remains undetected. This means that it is very likely that a person is infected and is completely unaware of it. According to the statistics released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 20 million Americans are diagnosed with herpes each year. Nonetheless, people are so ashamed to confess about the infection at they prefer to stay isolated.

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Although this study suggests that tenofovir is effective against herpes, in case it is a little late and you are already infected with HSV, herpes dating sites is the place for you.