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Herpes Dating – Tips and Resources

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Do you think that being diagnosed with herpes marks an end to your dating life? If yes, then we have some good news for you. Although starting afresh might be a little difficult, it is certainly possible.

Contacting herpes doesn’t draw away any of those desirable qualities, that had once attracted people towards you. Moreover, it is essential to keep in mind that 20 percent of the American population is currently infected with genital herpes, which only shows how common it is.


If you are a person who starts a new relationship with sex, it’s time to change your approach. However, by this we don’t mean that you cannot get physical with a new partner. It is important that you let the other individual know about the condition.

The next time you are out on a date, we suggest you follow these rules:

  • Don’t wait until you’ve had sex. Confession about having herpes would make no sense then.
  • Do not wait until you’re just about to have sex. In such situations the level of attraction is way too strong for either of you to think and take a rational decision.

Kissing and cuddling would not cause any damage, so you wouldn’t have to reveal about the diagnosis right then. Nonetheless, it is advised you use your wisdom as to how intimate you wish to get prior to telling your partner about having herpes. You wouldn’t want yourself to be blamed later on, would you?


Any person who is into dating should take rejections sportingly. The person you are seeing might be devastated or panic-stricken on knowing that you have herpes. In case your sweetheart offers mere friendship on finding about your condition, understand that s/he had already been looking for a way out and there couldn’t be a better excuse. Anyone who ridicules you for having herpes was never worth your time and effort.

Continue with dating and you shall soon find a person who loves you for what you are, unconcerned about your medical condition. However, there may be some who would always be cautious and keep the level of intimacy in check so as to prevent the transmission of the virus. On the other hand, you might also come across someone who wouldn’t mind going all the way just because he or she is crazy and is willing to take a risk.

The best way to avoid “that awkward herpes talk” would be to find a person who already has herpes and is aware of the condition. There are many herpes dating sites that can introduce you to such individuals. If you are already familiar with online dating, joining a community exclusively for people with herpes would be advantageous.